Ramez Hyper Market Oman

Spectro Dubai, a multinational leader in commercial refrigeration, as a small workshop crafting iceboxes and refrigerated cabinets. Acquired in 1986, the brand has always stood for top quality, exceptional service, and technologically advanced, reliable products. Costan specializes in designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining refrigerated cabinets for assisted sale and self-service of fresh and frozen products.

Commercial refrigeration lineup features:

  • Traditional refrigerated cabinets and counters for fresh, loose, and packaged goods.
  • Vertical and semi-vertical refrigerated cabinets for fresh packaged items at positive temperatures.
  • Vertical and horizontal refrigerated cabinets for storing frozen products at negative temperatures.
  • Plug-in refrigerated cabinets tailored for retail environments.
  • Integral cabinets designed for specialized stores.