NordicLine IS7

Energy efficiency with excellent product visibility. The new freezer island family, NordicLine IS7, is developed and proven to be the most energy efficient product range on the market. Thanks to the cabinet structure, combined with great insulation and energy efficient choice of components, NordicLine IS7 is proven to outperform other freezer islands on the market. NordicLine IS7 uses 15-45% less energy compared to other freezer islands in the market. For food retailers this means cost savings with lower operating costs, higher efficiency and faster return on investment. In addition to the energy performance, the wide glass surfaces of NordicLine IS7 give an unobstructed view to the products displayed. The stylish design is combined with one of the highest display areas in the market, giving the food retailers the opportunity to present more frozen food produce per footprint than earlier.
Temperature: LT
Class: 3L1 
Cabinet type: Horizontal
Key benefits
  • Lowest energy consumption in class – excellent energy efficiency
  • Superb product visibility with large glass panels
  • Total display area one of the highest in the market
  • High level of prefabrication for reduced on-site installation time
  • Harmonious outlook for entire market area – design elements common with multideck products

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